2018 Wedding Cake Trends

Inspired but green, clean shapes and a hint of metallic, this is my take on a small, elegant wedding cake for an intimate family celebration.

An beautiful arrangement of succulents as the center piece of the table.

Rough brushstrokes can be achieved by making a thick paste and applying with a coarse brush to a covered cake.

Below are some ideas of what is already trending on the Wedding Scene. Some have been around since last year, some will remain for years to come, I hope you are inspired by what I've found.

Pastel Marbled Cake with hint of Metallic:

What makes this design great, is that you can match the colours to the clients theme and not necessarily come out with a cake the disappears into the background of the decorated venue.

Be adventurous and make use of shapes. I love the use of the large hexagonal bottom tier and a small simple spray of flowers which of course can be supplied fresh as companion to the bride's bouquet or the event's flowers of choice.

The metallic high-lite to the flow of the marbled effect can be silver, gold, copper or rose gold, again, whatever matches the theme.

Modern, Geometric Statement Cake:

Again, you can play with shapes. Play with textures, use of buttercream if definitely prevalent with the newest cake trends and can also be coloured metallic by use of edible food spray-paint.

Again there are fresh flowers and foliage here as well as the use of a geometric metallic stand.

Hand-Painted Cakes with Sugar Flowers:

Below is an example of modern abstract flower painting around the entire lower cake.

Complimentary flowers are framed by a bold background, in this case, old gold painted cake. This looks also goes well with a flat colour, anything to really off set the flowers.

Bold, Statement Sugar Flowers:

Need I say more?

Modern Abstract Cakes:

Here's another painted cake with the use of metallic. This majestic tower of white rectangles (see what I did there? it's square cake stacked to the height that shows a rectangle from the side) is painted from top to bottom in an array of colours both bold and pastel. It's very contemporary and unique, a real piece of art!

There is a royal piped dream-catcher that gives a hint as to the couples desired theme which is quite surprising!

Again, the colours are dependent on theme and the shape of cake is your choice!

Semi-Naked Cake:

Yes, they're still in! And here we have something maybe a little more different to what you're used to seeing in a naked cake, or semi-naked cake, colour!

The best way to showcase a semi-naked cake it with height, many layers stacked and iced and scraped. A small spray of flowers complimentary to the theme add some visual interest without looking too busy against the lovely lines of the layers.

Click the image to link some ideas on naked and semi-naked cakes.

Watercolour Cakes:

Here's something for summer! Bright, happy coloured, handmade sugar flowers piled high on a white top tier are reflected in the blend of edible wash on the bottom.

Or you can go minimalist by blending one colour in a variety of shades and density.

click the picture to see more.

Earthen Wonder Cakes: Click the image to see more on this amazing creation!

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