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Easter Table and Family Fun!

Welcome to another Romancing the Home feature; this week's inspiration is that of Easter Decor. Last week the theme was Easter Fun, which I'm sure the first thought that popped into your heads was Easter Egg Hunt, right? Well, it's not time for that just yet, so we roped our children in to more arty crafty fun, with it being the school holidays in SA i was the perfect way to keep them busy and spend some quality family time together!

I bought some foam eggs in pastel colors, mini wreaths (R6ea at a local craftsman down the road) and a hanging plant basket-inner from the Nursery. I hauled out some feathers from my craft box and heated up the glue gun, which of course requires full time parental supervision, which was just perfect, as I got to make mommy and daddy's wreaths.

My trip to the flower market resulted in a stunning bouquet of soft pink roses and bright snapdragons which I added some willow sprigs to. I also added the left over eggs and feather to the vase, so sweet!

When it came to doing my Tea Time Table setting, I lay out my blooms like a table runner atop a variety of tea cloths and linen napkins. I added branches from my white potato bush for more greenery and a little addition of white!

A simple vanilla cake decorated with a potato bush sprig. FYI you should never insert stems into a cake, it can be toxic!

When I was a little girl, my favorite part of Easter was receiving a sugar decorated chocolate Easter Egg from my Grandmother! I remember the intricate details of the little figurine sculpted around the egg! Thinking back, I wonder if that it what inspired me to become a cake decorator!?

For my children, who can barely wait to consume anything resembling a sweetie, I didn't go into too much detail, but provided them a blank canvas to paint themselves!

I decorated chocolate Easter eggs with white sugar-paste and provided the children with food coloring gel to paint their chosen character themselves. If course my two year old daughter didn't do hers, mommy helped and no sooner did it return to her plate that she ate it!

Needless to say, we had great fun together and the children (those who haven't already) will get to enjoy their eggs in a few weeks time!

For more beautiful inspiration, do check out Ruffles and Rust who has a cute bunny template for a fabric DIY with the kiddies!

Keep It French made a yummy Easter Cake with her girls and decorated bottle with home made glue!

Our Unique Home is bringing happiness to her inner child with decorated sugar cookies!

Don't forget the table settings with these lovely ladies coming up this weekend too!

...Until next time, happy Romancing the Home!

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