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Fancy Faux Florals!

Welcome friends! This blogging thing just get more and more fun!

This week's challenge on Romancing the Home: a flower arrangement! So, I'm totally stealing a page out of Stacy from Sawdust and Highheels book here and going with the flowers that never die; Faux Flowers!

I'm not going to lie, it can be pretty pricey, even going to a wholesaler, but if you want something that looks remotely realistic, you have to be prepared to hand over the moola!

I love Hydrangea and next to the King Protea, I reckon they are some of the most expensive single stem flowers you get. BUT!...they are big, so the fill a lot of area and are just so darn pretty!

It's a sentimental flower to me as well, as my Ouma (my mom's mom who passed away when I was 9) also loved them. She had a large vase on her entrance hall table with lovely pale pink and blue silk hydrangea and she could grow them too...

I have tried, but it is just one of those plants that I have failed at, over and over, unlike Ramona from Ruffles and Rust who can stick just about anything into the ground and it comes up flowering as if the Queen were about to pop by for tea!

Here's what else I used:

Aside from the burgundy hydrangea, I've got eucalyptus with a pink tinge, dark pink carnations and this veiny filler leaf that was just the right color for in case I needed a filler.

The cream and pale peach peonies and berries were meant to break the deep colors and did their job wonderfully!

I saw something on Pinterest recently that inspired me and this is why I went for these flowers for our bedroom, to break the green, put a large arrangement on the big dresser and of course, bring some Romance to the space!

An edited image to show off the gorgeous jewel tones now present in this space!

So basically, all I did was put the two thickest stems in first as to not upset anything I've put in after. So the hydrangea were cut at two different lengths, one to stick out just above the rim of the container (in this case, a pottery vase with tightly packed oasis inside) and the other about half a head higher.

I then put the eucalyptus in to give height, but not too tall as to flop all over the place. The in went the carnations, two different lengths, on about the height of the eucalyptus and the other lower, but taller than the hydrangea. I then spread out the bunch of peonies and fillers and positioned the flowers to fill in any gaps around the top of the container and between the two hydrangea. I almost didn't use the silver veiny leaf filler, but then stuck in in below the taller hydrangea to add some movement to the arrangement.

Et voila!

I absolutely adore the green transformation we've done to our room and this arrangement makes me so happy, it's such a pleasure waking up to this daily!

So for more flights of floral fancy, please do check in with fellow Romancing the Home bloggers;

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Wishing you a beautiful week! See you next time!

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