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Feminine Divine!

May is Woman's month! Hooray!

Calling all women to close your eyes for a minute and just appreciate yourself!

You are a goddess!

Don't question it. Just believe it!

“Women have always cradled within their bodies secret mysteries of life, death, and rebirth and the healing, grounding, and balancing powers of our Mother in the Earth. We have held these mysteries sacred within us as we would carry babies in our wombs.” ― Elizabeth Eiler

You don't need to be a mom to be included in this lovely quote, the fact is, women hold a certain resilience men can only dream to understand! Own it! In my family, the women are strong! So strong, the men are often left out of breath for trying to keep up with the passions, the creativity, the fierce protectiveness that we posses! It can be trying at times, especially when we live in a patriarchal society. So when the opportunity arrives for celebrating our strength and wonder without burning bra's or offending anyone, I'm all in!

Roses, tinted glass, pearls and fine china, for serving tea of course!

I will literally seize every opportunity available to sit down for a special tea with my daughter! Why? Well, I don't really need a reason, I don't think anyone does, except that it's special. But I think this need for fulfillment in me comes from my longing for the afternoon tea I can no longer have with my mom. No matter how busy my week was, Wednesday and Friday afternoon was set aside for tea with mom. I'd pick the children up from aftercare and we'd go for an hour visit before going home to do homework and dinner etc. Sometimes, if I got off work a little earlier on a Friday, I would swing past my mom before fetching the boys and we'd have a less noisy visit. Some days would be serious, discussions about life, and what happens after; sometimes we'd have light chit chat about our passions.

My mom loved her tea, not necessarily from a teacup, her mug however was fine china and flowery, just about twice the size of a normal teacup!

She loves her pearls! She didn't need a special occasion to wear them either. She knew how to enjoy her possessions daily, not only on special occasions. I do this too, but not in the sense of luxury living as such, just enjoying the little things; fresh flowers, using the heirloom tea set and setting a beautiful table.

Surround yourself with beauty, your life must then be beautiful? I'm sure we all want a beautiful life!?

On this particular day, I made two dozen cupcakes for my eldest son's Cake & Candy Day at school, so I managed a couple of extra cupcakes and spent about R40 on a dozen pink and white meringues, a chocolate brownies slice (i cut into 4) and two Palmiers. I spent R60 on the gorgeous roses and made a little effort with fetching out the china and setting the table with some of my mom's everyday jewels.

My mom often told me (in my young, naive days) that I viewed the world through rose coloured glasses. I admit than even though I am older and wiser and that is surely a good thing, I do miss the optimism I used to have!

I love with how these photographs became the metaphor!

These beautiful glasses came with the house! We found a few treasures when we moved in here in 2002 and I am so glad I have kept them! Not one is that same color or shape!

You can make a tea eats plate so special by simply adding a flower!

(these don't need t be thrown away from the stem being cut so short, mine are still opening and absolutely stunning as they float in a crystal bowl on my kitchen island!)

The month of May is Mother's Day and even though I expect my boys will be making an effort to spoil me, I will be missing out on my special occasion with so mom. So instead, I will be paying tribute to the amazing woman she was, by enjoying some of her pleasures, decadent foods, everyday jewels, cosy wools and lots of Earl Grey Tea!

Check in with Ruffles and Rust for a closer look at her beautiful feminine bathroom makeover which features a work of art by myself, I can thank Ramona for allowing me the opportunity to let my creativity out every once in a while. I admit that after having children and having to keep the art supplies under lock and key I seldom find time to do paint, but I am changing that daily and challenging myself in new and exciting ways, bespoke furniture art being the most arresting!

...and if you aren't already, please follow @romancingthehome on IG to see what our collaborators will be sharing in the month of May!

Till next time!

Keep being the strong amazing woman I believe you are!

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