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Hot Beverages Served Here!

Another week gone! Another week closer to winter....brrrrrrr! So what better time than now to start paying attention to the Tea & Coffee Station where we'll no doubt be spending more time in front of as the nights grow colder!?

This week's Romancing the Home called for Exploration of the Hot Beverage Station! Head's up, I don't always have mini marshmallows on this shelf!

Nor do choc-chip cookies stay out for very long!

These are but a few of our favorite things... Maybe you're wondering what the lumpy white stuff in the jar is?

I'll tell you!

It's not every day we have Hot Chocolate readily available. only during the cold months and only for good children...(on weekends or during holidays; so much sugar!) I don't do the shop bought variety, I make my own. It's way cheaper... And on the topic of Hot Chocolate, there are SO many ways to dress it up! The favorite for the kiddies of course is mini marshmallows. If they're lucky they'll even get whipped cream! I like two shakes of Mixed Spice on mine, mostly. Or as the jar with the lumpy stuff may reveal; crushed mints!

Hubby is more of a coffee kind of guy and feels treated just with the addition of extra special rusks, biscotti or wafers.

The children were so excited that I was prepping the Hot Chocolate Bar, I had to spoil them with some giant choc-chip cookies! Holidays are here after all!

Wait a second! Cake's not on the menu!

Well, it just so happens, that somewhere, someone was celebrating a birthday! And so we had cake! Actually, I was lucky enough to have an impromptu sister gathering with our arty-farty-Aunty and so I just had to bake for the occasion! Why not!?

Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Cream Cheese Frostiing

I've got toothache just reliving all this!

Needless to say, the wafers are almost all gone, the level of the hot chocolate and marshmallows has dropped like crazy and the cookies left not even a crumb!

Winter has not yet quite set in, so the kids will be waiting awhile before another Bar Restock. Until then, it's back to the herbal teas and the good ol' jo!

Visit my lovely lady-friends for more heart (and tummy) warming inspiration!

Till next week! x

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