Not-So-Shabby Organization!

Welcome back! This week I present you with My Shabby Shack's take on the Romancing the Home challenge for sharing ideas for Home Organization! I love things having a home. I enjoy knowing just where to look for a thing and admit that over the years, my organizational skills have fallen short as the children are forever not putting stuff where it's meant to go!

In my kitchen, I especially need things to be in their place! In the scullery, an gorgeous wall mounted cabinet is the First Aid Station. It's close to the back door where most accidents occur and next to a tap.

Because of the amount of dishes I do daily, when I was planning the new kitchen layout, I included mounted drying racks which allow for neat packing and gives more space to work.

The entrance to my scullery left a narrow space for cupboards, which I planned to include corner shelving to home my extensive tin collection! A lot of these I have collected over the years myself, a lot I inherited from my mom, some one which I bought for my mom to grow her collection. I have a lot to my sister who also has a tin collection. These are all used, for biscuits, breakfast, teas, sweets and other cooking and baking ingredients.

As I work from home, my baking and cake decorating station was very important for me to have as organized as possible, I know exactly where everything is and don't have to dig for tools. It's brilliant, if I may say so myself!

I used this same method of organizing my drawers in my every day kitchen drawers and it really makes life so much easier!

A pretty and practical storage solution for in my pantry includes up-cycling jars; removing the label, spray-painting the lid matt black and applying a blackboard sticker (I get mine from WESTPACK). This year I have been making Fig Jam like crazy, these jars will get a fabric cover over the lid, so I have not painted them.

Another place I have always be strict of in terms of organization is wardrobes. I am one of those women who posses a lot of clothing and can never find something to wear! I like my dresses together, arranged in sleeve length. My white tops, black tops and color tops on a pile of their own. jeans in gradient arrangement. When we pulled down two walls worth of cupboard in Bella's room reno, we built one 1.5m wide cupboard, reusing some of the old wood to make drawers for inside the hanging space, as a substitute for a chest of drawers. You need drawers in a bedroom! Just my feeling!

I also love the use of all kinds of pretty containers to keep things organized. In the family bathroom I have arranged a pot plant pot with a small milk jug and sweet jar to hold hairbrushes, toothbrushes and hair do-dats in their place!

In terms of organization, this December we repacked the garage, but I'm afraid that wth the continuation of the preparation of the boys bedroom reno, i have since imparted chaos on that space again and can no longer brag about progress! I'm so excited to build the boy's storage beds!

let me know what clever hack you've got for storage, especially in a small home! I love new ideas!

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See you next week with Sprucing Up a Forgotten Space!

Have a beautiful week!

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