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Romancing A Forgotten Space

Welcome back to another week's inspirational contribution to Romancing the Home and the tasks we set one another, you know, to motivate one another to getting to do the projects around the home that would probably have laid dormant for another year! Well, that's what happened here and I am over the moon with the results of our challenge to do up a Forgotten Space!

It's a jungle out there!

No, really, it WAS a jungle out there! My secret garden was so secret even I didn't know about it for most of 2017/2018...

After putting up the rickety arch I found at the demo yard and planting a wisteria at it's base, we planted a few tropical plants, such as Philodedron, New Zealand FLax, Canna Lilies, Elephants Ear and Clivia and laid a walkway and I only occasionally weeded it.

The sitting area never went in. there was no taming of the plants that took root and went wild. It became a forgotten space and I just knew that when this challenge came along, I would tackle it!

I pulled out all the stepping stones and worked from the front to the back. I found a Canna that had sprouted in an awkward place and moved it. the Blackjacks, Morning Glories and Khakibos all came out. Luckily I found some of the Hen and Chickens I'd planted on the ground has survived their impending suffocation as well as a few Purple Heart ground cover.

We pulled up the wooden divide that the Bougainvillea had pushed down and re-exposed the birdbath and painted the precast walls. We brought the flower planter from another place in the garden and re positioned a concrete pot from outside, to inside the garden!

What a transformation!

An extra addition of the tropics, the peachy orange I chose to tie in with the newly added Hibiscus.

The seating has been moved in (which was by my back door, but has now opened space for another upcoming project!)

You can't see through all the Philodendron, but there is a birdbath back there, just in front of the wood divide which is my backdrop for the bougainvillea on the other side.

The other plants I added, which went into the raised iron planter (needs a fresh coat of paint, I know!) are Impatiens and Kalanchoe in reds, orange and peach.

This has become a real Tropical Paradise! I love it!

A cosy place to enjoy an evening cider with reading material for the soul!

Check in with the other ladies from Romancing the Home, Ramona at Ruffles and Rust will give you step-by-step on styling shelves whilst Stacy from Sawdust and Highheels shows you her kitchen update! Don't forget Kylie from Our Unique Home too!

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend! See you again next week!

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