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Romancing the Bedroom!

Welcome back to another week; another inspirational triumph brought to light by Romancing the Home! Valentine's is just around the corner and I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who may be wondering what to do for their partner this year.

We don't do a big thing every Valentine's, I'll be honest, I do find everything to be ridiculously priced (for gifting) and to be fair, partners should find any and every opportunity during the year to express their love to their significant other, not just this one day! Or their wedding anniversary... Or their dating anniversary!

Hubby and I are celebrating our 18th Valentine's day together and for the first time in 3 years, we will have our bedroom to ourselves! Up until last weekend we still had our 2 year daughter's cot and belongings taking over what used to be a private space. As you may have seen in a few weeks back posts, we have done up Bella's room and it was only a matter of time before we would get our space back. Although she's still with us most of the night, we actually have an adult bedroom again!

I decided to paint the room green!

I love green! Always have. But, after painting our feature wall in the living room green a few year's ago, I became very wary. The color was NOT AT ALL what I'd expected and even though we lived with it for about 3 years, we eventually painted it white and I didn't want to see green paint again. Until now...

I am over the moon with the transformation! Even though these photo's are a little over edited (it happens...) the color and them is so tranquil, it's absolutely amazing being able to just relax in this space now!

I made the wreath myself, choosing colors from the floral headboard hubby and I made a few year's back. Aside from the walls being painted, we also did some other overdue finishing touches, such as the thumbtacks along the edge of the headboard, painting the ceiling, painting some of the furniture and finally hanging the beautiful ornate mirror I found on marketplace a few months ago!

Here are some things that make our bedroom so special to me:

My Ouma's (grandmother) jewellery box. An oriental design, but it was hers and I love it! A treasure trove of antique poetry books including the complete works of William Wordsworth, one of my all time favorites!

The baby photo's on the wall are my mom, taken at least 67 years ago and hand-tinted. It would have been my mom's 68th birthday on the 8th of February. She'll be gone 4 years on the 7th. It feels like 100 years some days. Some days it feels like yesterday. I still miss her like I can imagine it would be to lose a leg. It may seem insensitive to some for me to write it like that, but it's how I feel. She was so important in my every day life, not just as my mother but as my best friend. I love having these framed memories for me to share with my own children!

Nestled in the corner is my mom's grandmother's rocking chair! It still has it's original brocade!

The pillow with the embroidery is a gift I made for hubby (and myself) for our 10th Anniversary, the quote is "We're in this together now", also the song title from the band Nine Inch Nails which inspired my vows.

"Even after everything, you're the queen and I'm the king; nothing else means anything." -Trent Reznor

We are both huge fans and even named our firstborn Trent!

To make the shoot extra special and for an early Valentine's date (very late Date Night) I put together a yummy tray of special eats for us to enjoy in our serene sanctuary.

Grunberger is the only Rose hubby will willingly drink... The biltong is a South African must for any kind of snack food setting (hubby wouldn't have looked at this tray twice without it) The Brie is my favorite. The rest are all sensual foods, oysters, dark chocolate and raspberries... To be fair, it didn't really cost all that much and with the right kind of styling, looks super fancy and makes any evening just that more special.

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Ramona from Ruffles & Rust

Do let me know what you think about the bedroom update! I'd love to hear your thoughts on the shade I've chosen and the baskets I've put above the bed, because quite honestly I was at a loss with what else to put there!...

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