Romancing the Home & Garden with a Beautiful Outdoor Space!

"Just living is not must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." - Hans Christian Andersen

Happy Sunday All! What are Sunday's? A day of why not in a beautiful space you can set up all by yourself with things you may have lying around the house? Come on, it's Spring, the weather is beautiful during the day, well, not in the shade today, but the sun is lovely and warm and the outdoors are beckoning for us to come out, come out!

Here are a few of my favorite things;

Tea. Book. Something sweet.

This is a breakfast lay, so I've got Earl Grey Tea which is an indulgent memory trigger for visits with my mom, whom I miss every day! I've served it in a beautiful English tea set given to me by my mom when I became a wife, it was given to her by my paternal grandmother when my parents wed. So, yes, it's special!

The book is THE COMPLETE WORKS OF HENRY CHAUCER, I'm not going to lie, it's heavy reading, but the language simply transforms the occasion, I almost imagine being in Olde England...

The Flapjacks (or crumpets as we South African's call them) are stacked high and drizzled with caramel cinnamon apple bits and topped with cream. Why not? You only live once, right?

But let's go back to the overall impression. It's cozy, right? We'll, I'm not really asking...It is cozy and all I did was put a mattress on the old poster bed we've got standing against the huge wall the divides out neighbors garage and our back yard, cover it, preferably (I've made a specific cover to my 'daybed' with matching pillow slips) and thrown on a couple of scatter cushions I borrowed out of the sitting room. The old window frame will eventually also get a new mirror to go with the others. Why mirror? Well, in a small space, a mirror reflect light and gives the impression of space!

I hope you are somewhat inspired to create your beautiful outdoor space and add some Romance to your Home & Garden, I'll be catching forty winks here, after lunch of course! So let me get to it!

Wishing everyone a beautiful day! Thanks so much for reading!

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