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Romancing the Home with a Trip to the Market

Market [mahr-kit]

noun - an open place or a covered building where buyers and sellers convene for the sale of goods; a marketplace: a farmers' market.

Hi all! It's been an incredibly busy week for me! and so exciting! I can't even tell you just how, but all will be revealed in good time, for now you can be left to wonder why hubby and I were flown down to the Cape to stay in the spectacular Pearl Valley Lodge...

Aside from the chaos of making sure my cake orders were prepped and My Shabby Shack's order was still on track for next Wednesday's installation and booking my daughters very first flight, I had to get to the local flower market so snap some pics so that I could tell you why I love going there so much! It's fairly a no brainer; it's a Flower Market!

Welcome to Multiflora, fresh flower wholesalers situated in the South of Johannesburg!

Of course, as the seasons change, so do the views. But here's a little of what you can expect so see, just look at these colors!

I'd like to take you on a tour of my favorite stores where I have brought flowers featured in my shoots for Romancing the Home to date.

I'm a bit of a frugal frannie when it comes to buying anything, but sometimes for quality, you simply must dig a little deeper into the purse. Where one generally doesn't go wrong is when you buy local flowers, as in fynbos, protea or wax. You may be surprised by what you can get and what you'd pay for it if you look around a bit.

I get so excited when I see prices coming down, I have to hold myself back!

A variety of Protea!

You may remember my Spring Wreath which featured a few of the above, all from the same shop, where I always get service with a smile!

On this particular day, I bought yet another bunch of Inca lilies, this time to add to my beautiful fuschia roses!

A gift from Ramona, bought at her favorite Rose supplier!

This store also has a large variety of stunning foliage and fillers! Who can resist paying R38 a bunch of roses? Every home should be graced with gifts from the garden (or market)!

Another shop I enjoy going to is Jason's Flowers, they always have stunning bouquets of different varieties. This is where I found my gorgeous jewel tone flowers for my table setting.

This place has become quite a part of my life, quite frankly, it's an emotional one for me too.

You see, when my mom passed away in February 2015, I threw myself into my garden as a distraction and was often found strolling through the rows and rows of shrubs, flowers and herbs figuring out how to function as a normal person when I felt as though my whole world had just been ripped apart. Today, three years later, it's a place to bring my daughter and share my love for gardening and simply enjoy the finer things in life, fresh scents from the earth, tea and cake, at The Flower Cup a coffee shop that recently opened in Grandiflora, one of the most fantastic shops you could ever visit, whether you are planning a Wedding, Christening, a special birthday, anniversary or Christmas!

So that's my story, short and sweet and just a little soppy.

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'Til next week...keep on #romancingthehome!

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